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Fresh Popcorn

Hungry for Fresh Popped Popcorn?

We have everything you need here at Stoplight Market to make great tasting popcorn! Our popcorn is FRESH and will pop well.


  • Tiny Kernel. Yellow corn that is small to medium size when popped. Very few hulls.
  • Lady Finger. Yellow corn that is quite small when popped. It is a hull-less and tender popcorn.
  • Mushroom. Yellow corn that is quite large when popped. Works well for making kettle corn or popcorn balls.
  • White. White corn that is medium sized when popped.
  • Baby White. White corn that is small to medium sized when popped. Very similar in size to Tiny Kernel except it is white.
  • Blue. Blue corn that is medium to large sized when popped. A bit sweeter than and contains less hulls than standard yellow popcorn.
  • Red. Red popcorn features its own distinct flavor. Pops small.
  • Rainbow. Features a colorful blend of Red, Yellow, and Blue popcorn.

Popcorn Oil and Glaze

  • Tenderpop Coconut Oil. Adds a slightly sweet and buttery flavor to your popcorn.
  • Caramel Popcorn Glaze. If you like caramel popcorn this is a must have! Simply add this glaze to the oil before adding the popcorn.





Hand Crank Popcorn Popper

Hand Crank Popcorn Popper








Try our Hand Crank Popcorn Poppers. They work great and add a lot of fun when making popcorn!

Ice Cream Sandwich

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Chocolate Ice Cream Wafers

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches are EASY to Make!

Once you taste a fresh homemade Ice Cream sandwich you will not like the store bought ones anymore! Follow these easy steps and make them yourself.

  1. Purchase Chocolate Ice Cream Wafers at Stoplight Market
  2. Purchase a half gallon of vanilla Ice Cream. The paper wrapped half gallons work the best.
  3. Unwrap the Ice Cream and cut 1/2″ thick slabs to match the dimensions of the chocolate wafers.
  4. Next, simply put a chocolate wafer on each side of the Ice Cream slab.
  5. Freeze in a air-tight plastic container.
  6. Enjoy!
stoplight market missouri peaches

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 Missouri Freestone Peaches Are Here!

Missouri Freestone Peaches are available here at Stoplight Market. We have large and small quantities available. For over 30 years, we have supplied the area with Missouri’s best freestone peaches. Our peaches come from Bader Farms in Campbell, MO and are available July 1st. thru Labor Day. Call us at (660)679-3449 or follow us on Facebook for current availability. https://www.facebook.com/StoplightMarket/

stoplight market missouri freestone peaches

Fresh Produce

Stoplight Market has fresh produce available now. Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Sweet Onions and More. We have been supplying the area with high quality produce for over 30 years. As always, our watermelons are guaranteed to be good or you get a free replacement! Stop by and see us at our produce stand located in front of our store. http://www.stoplightmarket.com/produce/

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It is cold and wet outside today but summertime will soon be here. Here a few varieties that will perform well in full sun and take the summertime heat.


Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevilla

This variety of mandevilla is excellent for containers and flower beds. It grows 18-24″ tall so it does not require a large trellis. When planted in containers this mandevilla will require a lot less water than most annuals.

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevillea


Sunrise Rose Lantana

Sunrise Rose Lantana is great for containers and also in flower beds. This variety grows 12-16″ tall and 12-14″ wide and features multi-colored blooms.

lantana sunrise rose


Main Street Coleus

The Main Street Coleus series is one of the best coleus available right now. They perform well in full sun and shade and grow up to 24″ tall. Stoplight Market carries Oxford Street, River Walk, Wall Street, and Rodeo Drive varieties.

coleus main street oxford rodeo drive wall street riverwalk


Vista Bubblegum Petunia

Vista Bubblegum Petunia from Proven Winners is the #1 Petunia on the market right now. They perform well in full sun and grow 12-24″ tall and trail up to 36″. No deadheading required. This petunia is very vigorous and will fill up your flower bed with a big splash of color. The Vista series also includes Fushia and Silverberry. Mix all three varieties for an even bigger splash of color! Stoplight Market carries all three colors.

Petunia Vista Bubblegum


Portulaca Rio Grande

Rio Grande Portulaca is a great selection for containers and hanging baskets. They require less water than most plants and thrive it full sun and hot weather. The blooms will close at night and open up during the day. This series of portulaca grows 3-4″ tall and 10-12″ wide. Stoplight Market carries Magenta, Scarlet, Yellow, and White.

Portulaca Rio Grande



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Today we will talk about how to plant trees and shrubs.

Spring is here and it is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. Here are a few steps for better success.

Start by digging a hole that is two times bigger than the root ball of the tree or shrub you want to plant. Next, set the tree or shrub in the hole making sure that the top of the root ball is 2-3 inches above the surrounding ground level. Mix 3.5 tablespoons of Ferti-lome Root Stimulator in one gallon of water. Apply this solution over the entire root ball of the tree or shrub. Do not get this solution on the leaves. Stoplight Market recommends using Cotton Burr Compost when filling the hole. Mix 1 part of compost to 5 parts of the dirt that you dug and fill the hole. Cotton Burr Compost will add organic matter to your soil which helps your tree or shrub root out faster. Once again make sure the top of the root ball is 2-3 inches above the surrounding grade.

Apply your choice of mulch around the tree. Mulch will reduce weed pressure around you newly planted tree or shrub, conserve water, and add a fresh look to your yard. Water in well.

Finally, if you are planting a tree, remember to stake it. Use two or three steel posts per tree and use galvanized wire along with pieces of old garden hose. Wrap a piece of garden hose around the trunk of the tree. Run the wire through hose and tie it to the steel post. Do not tie to tight. Remember to remove stakes one year after planting.

Stoplight Market stocks Ferti-lome Root Stimulator and Cotton Burr Compost. Our trees and shrubs have just arrived with more shipments to follow. Stop by and check out our great selection.

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stoplight market fertilome tomato and vegetable food calcium nitrate copper fungicide

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Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in the home garden. Here a few steps to give you more success.

  1. Garden Location. Choose a sunny, well drained location. Tomatoes need at least 6-8 hours of sun per day.
  2. Soil pH. Tomatoes like a soil pH of 6.0-6.8. Have you soil tested and follow the recommendations given on the test results.  The Missouri Extension Office is a great place to have this done.  http://extension.missouri.edu/bates/
  3. Planting. Small plants are the easiest to transplant. If you like to buy tall plants remember to plant them deep. A tomato plant that is 12″ tall can be planted 8 inches deep, leaving only the top 4 inches of the plant above the ground. Deep planting gives you a better root system and a plant that is not spindly. Rows can slightly ridged up to provide extra drainage should we have a very wet spring or summer. We do not recommend this deep planting technique our 3-gallon tomato plants. These should be planted so that the root ball is even with the surrounding ground level.
  4. Plant Support. Stakes or cages work well for supporting tomato plants. Woven concrete wire makes great cages that are durable and last a long time.
  5. Mulching. After your transplants are rooted in and growing well wheat straw can be used for mulch around each plant. This will keep the roots cooler in the summertime, conserve moisture, and control weeds.
  6. Fertilizing. Stoplight Market recommends Ferti-lome Tomato and Vegetable Food. At planting sprinkle 1 lb of fertilizer in a 1 foot wide band for every 50 foot row. Mix in thoroughly. After planting you can apply this fertilizer once a month. Use 1/4 cup per plant and sprinkle around each plant.
  7. Watering. Stoplight Market recommends using a soaker hose to water your tomatoes. This will water your plants without getting the leaves wet and also helps with blight control. It is important to maintain steady moisture levels. Using a watering timer works well to achieve this.
  8. Blossom End Rot. Stoplight Market recommends Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate to control blossom end rot. At planting apply 1 teaspoon around each plant. Do not apply within 2 inches of the stem. Make the next application when your green tomatoes are the size of a quarter. Again apply 1 teaspoon per plant. Subsequent applications may be made as needed. Blossom end rot is caused by calcium deficiency and also by erratic soil moisture. Maintaining an even water program is very beneficial.
  9. Blight Control. Blight can be a big problem when growing tomatoes. Leaves can start curling and the plant begins to die from the bottom up. Cool, wet, rainy weather makes blight spread very quickly. If you use cages or stakes from last years garden be sure to disinfect them with a 10% bleach solution before you use them. Stoplight Market recommends applying Copper fungicide right after planting. It can be applied every 7-10 days if conditions are favorable for disease development.  Mix 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water and spray the entire plant. Other fungicides that work good for controlling blight are Mancozeb and Fung-Onil. Blight control is one of the most important steps in keeping your tomato plants healthy and producing till frost.
  10. Insect control. Watch for aphids, tomato horn worm, and other pests throughout the season. Stoplight Market recommends Bayer Vegetable & Garden Insect Spray. Apply as needed. Stoplight Market stocks Ferti-lome Tomato and Vegetable Food, Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate, Copper Fungicide, Mancozeb, Fung-Onil, and Bayer Vegetable and Garden Insect spray. Come see us for all your tomato gardening needs!

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Try our Domata Flour. It is all natural, gluten free, and contains no dairy products, soy or sugar. Make you own bread, pancakes, cookies, and the list goes on. Xanthan Gum is included in the mix. Xanthan Gum is an all-purpose thickener that is needed for your gluten free baking. You can use this mix as a substitute for flour in any recipe!


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Try our fresh rolled oats and quick oats. They are fresh and you will notice the difference. For Quick oats just boil 2 cups of water and add 1 cup of oats then simmer for 5 minutes. You can add cranberries or raisins if you like. Makes a fast and healthy breakfast!