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It is cold and wet outside today but summertime will soon be here. Here a few varieties that will perform well in full sun and take the summertime heat.


Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevilla

This variety of mandevilla is excellent for containers and flower beds. It grows 18-24″ tall so it does not require a large trellis. When planted in containers this mandevilla will require a lot less water than most annuals.

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevillea


Sunrise Rose Lantana

Sunrise Rose Lantana is great for containers and also in flower beds. This variety grows 12-16″ tall and 12-14″ wide and features multi-colored blooms.

lantana sunrise rose


Main Street Coleus

The Main Street Coleus series is one of the best coleus available right now. They perform well in full sun and shade and grow up to 24″ tall. Stoplight Market carries Oxford Street, River Walk, Wall Street, and Rodeo Drive varieties.

coleus main street oxford rodeo drive wall street riverwalk


Vista Bubblegum Petunia

Vista Bubblegum Petunia from Proven Winners is the #1 Petunia on the market right now. They perform well in full sun and grow 12-24″ tall and trail up to 36″. No deadheading required. This petunia is very vigorous and will fill up your flower bed with a big splash of color. The Vista series also includes Fushia and Silverberry. Mix all three varieties for an even bigger splash of color! Stoplight Market carries all three colors.

Petunia Vista Bubblegum


Portulaca Rio Grande

Rio Grande Portulaca is a great selection for containers and hanging baskets. They require less water than most plants and thrive it full sun and hot weather. The blooms will close at night and open up during the day. This series of portulaca grows 3-4″ tall and 10-12″ wide. Stoplight Market carries Magenta, Scarlet, Yellow, and White.

Portulaca Rio Grande