Stoplight Market is a family owned and operated greenhouse and bulk foods store in Butler, MO. In 1986 we started growing 15 acres of produce. We sold fresh produce at the Kansas City Market and here in Butler, MO. Our open air market was located beside the Koehn Bakery and right next to the only stoplight in Bates County. That’s where the name Stoplight Market came from. We were only open during the spring and summer. Around 1990 we put up a small greenhouse next to our market and started selling a few bedding plants. This went over very well and we started focusing more on growing bedding plants.

In 1992 we moved to our present location. We added the bulk food store and expanded our greenhouse operation to include a better selection of bedding and vegetable plants. With the addition of the bulk food store we were open all year. Due to the addition of the bulk food store and the expanding greenhouse business we started buying locally grown produce instead of growing our own.

In 2011, due to the increased calls for trees and shrubs and an imminent need for more parking we expanded to the south and added a shrub yard. This addition gave us more room for a large selection of trees and shrubs and added parking.

Almost all of the plants we sell, except for trees and shrubs are grown at our growing facility north of Butler, MO. We specialize in high quality bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials, trees, shrubs and more. Locally grown produce is still an important part of our summer sales. We believe in quality and service.